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This decorative product from AG Design will protect your dining table or kitchen worktop
from scratches or heat rings. From other hand will decorate your table and add modern
atmosphere to your kitchen.
Table Mats are manufactured from special plastic material, what makes them durable, water
and dirt repellent and easy to clean. Available in size of 42 x 30 cm


This decoration product is made from PVC self-adhesive material and due to its
5 meter length you can easily give your room a new look at modest cost and
in very short time. There are two types of borders’ width: 10 cm for small rooms
and 14 cm for bigger ones. This product can be used as a separate decorative element
or can be combined with photo murals or wallpaper collections of AG Design


Magnificent useful wall decoration, made from acrylic material, which will not brake
up as the same product made of glass. Immediate decoration with sticking mirror on
special adhesive pieces. Different sizes and designs will satisfy the most discerning


Decoration with the self adhesive stickers is the best solution for immediate change of
your interior. In our collection you can find wall decorations of different sizes
(30 x 30 cm, 42,5 x 65cm, 65 x 85 cm) and for different tastes !
We have collections for adults , teenagers and children including Licensed designs of
Disney, Marvel and Little Mole .
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