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Our cushions of 45 x 45 cm and 40 x 40 cm size were created as a magnificent
decorative addition to our popular curtain designs. This collection is manufactured from
high quality polyester fabric with virgin fiber filling.


This collection of short curtains 180 x 160 cm, consisting of two parts (90 x 160 cm each)
will decorate perfectly kids room or window in your kitchen. Translucent fabric will let
just enough sunlight to still protect your interior from direct sunshine.

STANDARD l & creative l & premium l COLLECTION

This collection of 140 x 245 cm sized curtains is created from translucent (standard),
semi-translucent (creative), and blackout (premium) fabrics and
meant for interiors with single windows.

STANDARD xxl & creative xxl & premium xxl COLLECTION

This collection of large size 280 x 245 cm consisting of two parts (140 x 245 each)
will not only protect your interior from sunshine but also decorate your room with
beautiful designs from ceiling to floor. Our curtains are manufactured from
translucent (standard), semi-translucent (creative), and blackout (premium) fabrics.
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